Gambling with God – From Gambling Bartender to Born Again Christian

Everyone in the world shares the same thought: One day, I’m going to die! Although our common faith agrees that our last breath is inevitable, we are strangely divided as to what happens next. People believe that one of the following happens when we die: 1. Annihilation 2. Reincarnation 3. Purgatory 4. All go to Heaven 5. Do more good things than bad and go to Heaven 6. Judgment 7. Whichever one you personally believe is true.

I sincerely hope that after reading this book, you will be convinced to do two things: 1. Recognize that only one of the seven answers above is correct, and 2. Open the Bible, believe for yourself, and don’t gamble with God!

Hint! “Come, you who are blessed by My Father, inherit the kingdom.” — Heaven

“I never knew you; depart from me.” — Hell

Tom Covino

About Tom Covino (San Antonio, Texas Author)

Tom Covino

Tom Covino grew up on the north shore of Long Island; as a child, he experienced the very difficult divorce of his parents that led him down a path of gambling. He spent his young adulthood as a New York gambling bartender until he became a Born Again Christian and Gospel preacher. He is husband to Jennifer and father to two girls, Gwendolyn and Aubrey. Tom has also been a teacher of golf for twenty-plus years and sees a direct correlation between the game of golf and life as a Christian. The most important thing to Tom is the salvation of every soul that he meets.