Get Organized. Get Focused. Get Moving. – How To Avoid Productivity Potholes

Get Organized. Get Focused. Get Moving.
160 Pages
ISBN 978-1-944589-04-2

Being an effective manager of your time is important for individuals in all professions and industries. What we do and don't do in work and life determines our success...or continual struggles.

This means understanding and practicing skills in topics that include: getting organized, goal setting, establishing and remaining focused on priorities, creating a scheduling and planning roadmap, communications, managing interruptions and distractions, managing procrastination tendencies, delegating without micromanaging and achieving work-life fit.

All of these subjects are covered with examples and lessons learned that span 25 years experience in the field. The book includes tips, tricks and resources to help you avoid potholes in your journey and take the first step to a more successful, more focused, and less stressed life.

Cynthia Kyriazis

About Cynthia Kyriazis (Kansas City, Missouri & Kansas Author)

Cynthia Kyriazis

Cynthia Kyriazis founded Productivity Partners back in 1992 and since then has been helping professionals learn to navigate the 24/7 demands on their time and life.

Her goal is to help her clients learn and practice the principles of making better and more effective choices in how they use the time they have available. It's less about perfection and more about focus, choices and outcomes.

Cynthia shares her knowledge through training, coaching, speaking, and consulting with a nationwide clientele that ranges from small business to Fortune 500's.