Ghost in the Park

Ghost in the Park
282 Pages
ISBN 1975686578

A killer, a ghost, and a cat named Billy. A bloody serial killer is targeting coeds and Professor Bryce Campbell is determined to stop him before more students end up dead. With his ability to hear spirits, Bryce is ideally suited to find a murderer. That is, if he could find the right ghost to talk to.

Enter Elizabeth. This ghost is boisterous, pushy and eighteen years old. The meddling girl needles Bryce into changing his hermit ways, and brings a stray kitten into his flat, distracting him from the case. As she exhibits abilities that will help him confront the killer, Bryce will discover why Elizabeth is not your average ghost.

A murder mystery with a gang of meddling ghosts. You'll love this book because you won't know what's going to happen next. Grab a copy today and find out why people can't put Ghost in the Park down.

Book contains adult language and descriptions of violence.

Julianne Q Johnson

About Julianne Q Johnson (Indianapolis, Indiana Author)

Julianne Q Johnson

Julianne Q Johnson writes in a little Indiana house when her two cats, two ferrets, and one fiance will let her.

Her favorite stories to write are modern-day, realistic worlds with a supernatural or paranormal element. She enjoys taking otherwise ordinary characters and giving them a paranormal gift or putting them in fantastical situations to see how they will handle it. Though not comedy, there is a touch of humor in all of her books.

Julianne is a fan of cheap coffee and expensive chocolate.

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