Gods of Our Misunderstanding in A.A. – Not just for Atheists & Agnostics

Gods of Our Misunderstanding in A.A.
432 Pages
ISBN 9781986937276

Tired of listening to all the God stuff in Alcoholics Anonymous? Feeling overwhelmed by God popping up on every page of the Big Book? Tired of holding hands and reciting the Lord’s Prayer at the end of every A.A. meeting? Skeptical of those in A.A. who declare “All we need is God?” Embarrassed to openly admit you don’t believe in God, or have some serious doubts?

Do not be discouraged, for we are not a glum lot. Sit back and relax with this tongue-in-cheek jaunt through the God saturated fellowship of A.A. It’s a reminder that none of us in A.A. should take ourselves too seriously, regardless of our religious or spiritual beliefs.

It is to that end that Gods Of Our Misunderstanding, the product of a sudden hot flash spiritual experience, is shared with all in our fellowship, whether atheist, agnostic, spiritual or religious. Alex M. has written two other books on A.A., Daily Reprieve on the Big Book and Design For Living on the 12 Steps. His three books come highly recommended by Bill W. and Dr. Bob, who were overheard whispering to their wives “These three masterpieces could easily replace our Big Book and Twelve & Twelve.”

Alex M.

About Alex M. (Louisville, Kentucky Author)

Alex M.

Alex M. is a retired physician and life-long atheist living in the Midwest where he got sober in Alcoholics Anonymous in 2006. Since so many newcomers flee A.A. because of its God-centric focus, Alex believes his responsibility is to share his experience on how recovery can be attained through the A.A. Fellowship, its 12 Step program and the Big Book of Alcoholics Anonymous whether or not one believes in God.

He has written five books about A.A. and had over a dozen articles published in the A.A. Grapevine magazine. Alex is an Ivy League college English Major and avid reader, loves pre-Code Hollywood films, relaxes by gardening and wood-turning, and lives with two headstrong rescue cats in a farmhouse built in 1842.