Going Gone! – A Trackers novel

Going Gone!
300 Pages
ISBN 978-0996838535

Code Name: TRACKERS, a unique FBI unit comprised of the elite of the elite. Each have an extra edge, an ability that defies reason or logic.

An intricate scheme to abduct the children of the most powerful politicians on Capitol Hill gets disrupted when Kerry Branson, ex-homicide detective turned private investigator, inadvertently rescues one of the victims on a fog-laden backroad in the Piney Woods of East Texas.

When Kerry discovers the six-year-old boy is the son of a U.S. Senator kidnapped from his Austin home, her call to the FBI is just the beginning of her problems. Pursued by a ruthless band of mercenaries who seem to know her every move, Kerry is forced into an uneasy alliance with the agent assigned to the case, FBI Tracker Ryan Barr.

As the abductions continue, their search for the children will pit Kerry and Ryan against a formidable adversary who uses his wealth and political power to cloak a psychopathic obsession. His manipulation extends deep into the government even to the Office of the President.

A horrific plan slowly emerges—one that has drug cartels and terrorist groups lined up to cash in.

Anita Dickason

About Anita Dickason (Dallas, Texas Author)

Anita Dickason

Award-winning author, Anita Dickason, is a retired police officer with twenty-seven years of law enforcement experience, twenty-two with the Dallas Police Department. She served as a patrol officer, undercover narcotics officer, advanced accident investigator, and the SWAT team as the unit sniper. Her experience provides the background and plots for her FBI Tracker suspense novels, Sentinels of the Night and Going Gone!

Finding an unexpected enjoyment in writing jump-started a new career. Anita's publishing company, Mystic Circle Books and Designs, LLC, provides manuscript and design services to assist authors in publishing their works.

She is the Fiction Editor and Columnist for Indie Authors Monthly Magazine. Her column, ON THE HUNT, is a series of articles on publishing, distribution, and promotions and is featured in the magazine and on her website: https://www.anitadickason.com/