Greta the Goose

Greta  the Goose
30 Pages
ISBN 978-1945667718

Greta is a fierce mother goose who will protect her eggs at any cost. Children will learn how a female goose takes care of her eggs and how she raises a family of goslings.

Connie Condron Dow

About Connie Condron Dow (St. Joseph, Missouri Author)

Connie Condron Dow

Connie Condron Dow grew up on the Condron family homestead, the oldest of five children. Throughout her life she heard bits of stories about that long-ago War Between the States when her Grandmother's family members fought for the north and her Grandfather's family members fought for the south.

The Condron homestead has been in the family for generations, starting with the first Peter Condron who came to America from Ireland.

This book is fiction, but based on some of the old family tales and how the author imagined the women on the farm lived and survived.