Growing the Word of God Seed – How Spiritual Growth Works

Growing the Word of God Seed
41 Pages
ISBN 978-0999159422

God created us to grow in many different ways. When it comes to our walk with Jesus, sometimes we can feel stuck. How do we overcome the problems and worries of life to begin moving forward again? Growing the Word of God Seed digs into the Parable of the Sower to show us what Jesus had to say about spiritual growth and uses practical, everyday examples to show us what we can do to grow in our walk with the Lord. Using her own experiences in gardening, Angela Powell invites you on a journey to the garden with Jesus. Questions and exercises included in each of the seven lessons help you go beyond simply knowing what the Bible has to say about spiritual growth to experiencing it in your everyday life. This is a great book for individual or group study and includes suggestions on how to lead a group for facilitators. Grab your copy today!

Angela E. Powell

About Angela E. Powell (Salt Lake City, Utah Author)

Angela E. Powell

Angela Powell is a stay at home mom to a special needs son and full-time writer. She has written two Christian Sunday school curriculum book for different ages, a Bible study, and she has published her own line of coloring books for Adults.

She is working on moving out of non-fiction books and jumping into fiction with a co-authored book titled "The Fire Within the Cult" based on true events. Angela is also working on a series of yet-to-be-named books that take place in a small town, much like the one she and her family recently moved to.

When she isn't writing, Angela likes to get involved in small town events, garden, crochet, play with her fur babies, and enjoy the beautiful mountains of Utah.