Growing up Alaska – Memories of a Town, a Time, a Place, and a People Planted in a Little Pocket of Wonderful

Growing up Alaska
156 Pages
ISBN 978-1457537714

Beginning with a family move to Alaska in March of 1982, Growing up Alaska follows the memories of Niki as she settles down and lives in the small town of Tok (pronounced Toke), Alaska, located ninety miles from the Canadian border in the interior of the state. From daily life of walking to and from school in the dark with a flashlight and playing outside at recess at 20 below zero, to traveling upwards of five days for school basketball trips that included bus, ferry, and airplane travel, Niki weaves a tale of a unique childhood and talks about what her normal was. Niki shares childhood memories of wilderness play and unusual winter living, like life in the dark and cold. Life was full of ice skating, snow machining, sledding, and friendship. Summertime was bursting with light, work at local businesses, bike riding, basketball at the town courts, and travel “outside” to see family.

The heart and soul of Growing up Alaska is the community of Tok. Tok wouldn’t have been Tok without the residents who lived there. This town of 1200 souls was living in a unique time and a unique place with an even more unique people. Niki may have left Alaska physically, but Alaska has never left her heart, which was evident when she made a return trip in 2006. Alaska will always be home.

Here’s to a well-lived childhood. . . . Here’s to Growing up Alaska.

Niki Breeser Tschirgi

About Niki Breeser Tschirgi (Spokane, Washington Author)

Niki Breeser Tschirgi

Niki Breeser Tschirgi is a stay-at-home mom who resides in Spokane, Washington, with her husband and six adopted kids (five still at home, ages nine through nineteen, all boys).

She discovered her love for writing in the seventh grade and studied Creative Writing at the University of Idaho. Niki wrote for Blindigo Online Magazine while living in Houston, Texas, and over the years, has published several blogs such as “The Stars Are Bright—How a Northern Girl Became a Southern Woman and Everything Inbetween” and “Rock a Child’s World,” which raised awareness for adoption in Texas. Her most current blogs can be read at and

Niki loves to snuggle her dog Moose (a giant standard poodle), road trip with her family, drink good coffee, and of course - read. To connect with Niki and learn more about life in Alaska, follow her on Facebook: or Twitter @nikitschirgi.

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