Guilford – A Walking Tour in Pictures

Explore Guilford, one of North America's most influential early "streetcar suburbs," through stunning Arts and Crafts Style illustrations. Significant examples of unique architect-designed residential architecture, as well as Guilford's tree-lined Olmsted Brothers streetscapes and parks, are depicted in full-page illustrations accompanied by informative text. As lovely as ever, Guilford is a showcase example of American garden city suburban development.

Designed as a black and white picture book to appeal to young and old alike and arranged in an order suitable for guiding a walking tour--the better to appreciate the Olmsted Brothers streetscapes and parks.

Illustrations by Tom Chalkley, a Baltimore illustrator best known from the weekly City Paper.

Ann G. Giroux

About Ann G. Giroux (Baltimore, Maryland Author)

Ann G. Giroux

Formerly an architectural and historical consultant for historic projects, Ann G. Giroux now spends her time researching, writing, and lecturing on the Roland Park Company.

The author has served on the Guilford Association Board of Managers and the Guilford Architectural Review Committee and now serves on the board of the Friends of Maryland's Olmsted Parks and Landscapes. The author is also a second-generation volunteer at the Enoch Pratt Free Library, one of the oldest free public library systems in the United States.

When the author is not writing, she is photographing the gardens of the historic Roland Park Company District, including her own Guilford garden. Follow her writing and photography on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.