Harvest of Evil – Book one of the John Fisher Cronicles

Harvest of Evil
260 Pages
The Pymander Press, LLC.
ISBN 0982821131

John Fisher, retired Seal and were-cougar, was having just another day at the office. He is a Park Police officer. His office is a Dodge Durango. The dark legends and creatures have always been around, and after the civil rights movement they're legal. But when someone uses magic or anything else illegally on Federal land, it 's John's job to bring them in. He will use all his skill, luck and connections inside the Supernatural world to get his man, or were, or vampire, or...

William M. Lehman

About William M. Lehman (Seattle, Washington Author)

William M. Lehman

I was born in Kansas, and grew up throughout the midwest and east. At 17 I joined the US Navy as a Submarine Sonar Technician, serving in that capacity on various Fast Attack and Ballistic missile subs for the next 20 years, with a couple of shore duty breaks. I retired as the Work Programs Director for the Naval Regional Brig at Bangor Submarine Base, and spent some overlapping time as a Reserve Police Officer for the City of Bremerton WA, a job I continued for ten years, until the ankles gave out, and running was no longer an option.

I currently work at the Puget Sound Naval Shipyard, live in Kitsap county, with my wife, youngest child (the oldest is out on her own, with kids of her own)and various dogs and cats. On weekends, I dress up in 70 pounds of armor to bash people with sticks, as a member of a Medieval Recreation group.

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