314 Pages
Patti Press - indie published
ISBN 978-0-692-75897-7

Nine months after their comically abbreviated RV trip, detailed in the award-winning book, STASHES, the Breeden family farm routines have stabilized.

But then, a charismatic Californian strides on the farm, claiming to be kin. Carl Edwards rocks the entire small Midwestern community, including a lively cast of characters who assault Steve Breeden's calm-against-chaos preference, in this humorous family saga: - his spunky wife, Jackie, and her meddlesome church lady friends -his immature adult son, Brandon, and his female pursuers -his pastor, who attempts to foist guilt while rubbing funds -the lure of marijuana edibles and the easy money from fracking natural gas

Only Sparty, Steve's dog, remains steadfast throughout the hijinks. But then...

PJ Colando

About PJ Colando (Orange County, California Author)

PJ Colando

PJ Colando was born and raised in the Midwest, yet unabashedly aspired for adventure elsewhere, following her parent's model. She and her family live in southern California in a home filled with books and plants, laughter and song. There may be some brownies stashed in the freezer.

In further adherence to family ethic, she loves to read and learn. Writing is her encore career after thirty years of speech-language pathology practice. PJ aligns with a favorite author, Joan Didion's reasoning: "I write to know what I think." Especially in times of great tumult.

PJ writes comedy and satire with a literary bent in a genre she called Boomer Chick Lit. Two novels in her 'Steve and Jackie' series have been published and the third, CASH to DASH DOWN UNDER will be out soon. A companion novella, DOUGH to GROW, is schemed. Her personal essays and short stories have been included in many magazines and anthologies. Follow her boomer humor blog on pjcolando.com.

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