Haunted Gloucester, Salem, and Cumberland Counties

Few places are as obsessed with the paranormal as New Jersey, and the area once known as West Jersey is a hotbed of supernatural activity.

The ghost of a young boy in Mannington appears to welcome guests and partygoers to a historic bed and breakfast. The tortured should of a weathered sea pirate remains in Greenwich, still imprisoned after three hundred years. Malevolent spirits haunt the abandoned Salem County Insane Asylum, menacing those who dared venture to the solitary confinement rooms in the basement.

In 'Haunted Gloucester, Salem, and Cumberland Counties,' paranormal investigator and researcher Kelly Lin Gallagher-Roncace shares frightening New Jersey folklore that makes for great fireside storytelling.

Kelly Lin Gallagher-Roncace

About Kelly Lin Gallagher-Roncace (South Jersey Author)

Kelly Lin Gallagher-Roncace

Kelly Lin Gallagher-Roncace has been a news reporter, editor, features, and entertainment writer for nearly 15 years. She began her journalism career as a news reporter at the Today's Sunbeam in Salem County. Several years later, she switched directions and became a features/entertainment writer for Gloucester County Times which later merged with the Today's Sunbeam and News of Cumberland County to become the South Jersey Times. There, she began writing a weekly column called 'Paranormal Corner.' In 2015, Kelly received a third place New Jersey Press Association award in Entertainment Column Writing for her work on 'Paranormal Corner.' Kelly recently retired from the South Jersey Times to focus on freelance writing and becoming a career author.