Haunted Gunslinger – A Supernatural Western Thriller (Son of Earp Series Book 2)

Haunted Gunslinger
188 Pages
La Cigolli Publishing
ISBN 978-1535258159

James Johnson, illegitimate son of the legendary Wyatt Earp, moves to Wichita, Kansas for a fresh start. He brings his mother and his mentally disabled friend, Carson, with him. But fresh starts bring new problems. Each year, on the same date, a gunslinger ghost shoots up Main Street at high noon. The apparition replays its last moments alive.

The townsfolk believe the legendary spirit to be a residual haunt. Until the gunslinger finds a way to finally win a shootout. Can James and Carson defeat the Haunted Gunslinger before more innocents die? Or will the Devil win the West? Haunted Gunslinger is the second installment in the Son of Earp Series. The supernatural horror continues.

Chuck Buda

About Chuck Buda (North Jersey Author)

Chuck Buda

Chuck Buda is a horror author and podcast host from New Jersey. He is best known for his love of pizza and Black Metal. A child of several decades ago (actual decade withheld to hide his age), Chuck grew up a fan of the Universal Monster movies and Leonard Nimoy’s "In Search Of…". Smitten with all things monstrous and unexplained, Chuck began a lifelong journey of searching for new scares and thrills. And he enjoys the process more than the destination.

Chuck Buda co-hosts The Mando Method Podcast on Project Entertainment Network with author, Armand Rosamilia. They talk about all aspects of writing.

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