Healer of Surflex

Healer of Surflex
382 Pages
ISBN 9781494835927

Kerlia has fought to survive even before she was born because of the prophecy a child will destroy Kernel's evil hold over the Kingdom of Surflex and heal the Kingdom. Kernel's minions search for the healer as his wizards strive to design the ultimate weapon to end the resistance and bring the Kingdom completely under Kernel's control. They have destroyed Kerlia's mother at her birth and are closing in on where her father, Terian, has hidden her.

They all most succeed in Kerlia's capture in the forest, however, she escapes only to be transported to the fairy realm. Under the guidance of the Pixies, fairies, and militant brownies Kerlia must learn how to control her healing powers to protect those she loves from Kernel.

Can a mere child stand against Kernel's evil that has brought so many men to their knees?

Sue Raymon/Lady Laindora

About Sue Raymon/Lady Laindora (Des Moines, Iowa Author)

Sue Raymon/Lady Laindora

There are many doors in one’s life that the person has the opportunity to either explore what lies behind that door or leave it closed and open another door to another adventure. I thank the Lord that He has locked many doors in my life that could have destroyed me. I can look back and see His hand protecting me and my family from my choices and the devastation it caused when He allowed me to have my own way because of stubbornness.

The newest door He has opened for me is one of being a published author. For those who think this is super easy, allow me to tell you the easy part is the rough draft. After you write the novel, then comes the nose to the grindstone of all the different parts of getting it from a rough draft to a published novel. There are rewrites, editing, proofreading, more editing, beta readers, proofreaders, more editing, cover design, bios, cover info, indie or traditional publishing, ISBN registration. Then once published, you have to market your novel with press releases, book signings, making ads that help market to the correct audience.

You also try to get reviews for the novels so your novel rises in the ranking so more people have a chance to read your work. You need a thick skin for those who do not appreciate your work and seek to tear it down with bad reviews. Authors do appreciate constructive feedback. This helps us fine tune our craft for the enjoyment of the reading audience. Being an author is not for the weak-hearted. But it is also very wonderful to be able to create worlds that the reading audience can share and enjoy. You can follow author Sue Raymond at sueraymondladylaindora.wordpress.com

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