Heart of Courage – Solutions for Undoing What Fear Created

Heart of Courage
65 page spiral bound workbook Pages
ISBN 978-0-9679545-7-8

Diagnosed with stage IIIC Peritoneal-Ovarian Cancer, Whitehawk shares 12 of the techniques she used to support herself in moving from survival to flourishing. This workbook compliments award-winning memoir My Ticket to Ride: From Cancer to Flourishing.

• My Body Talks. Am I Listening?

• Forgiveness Power Tool

• Embracing Our Dragons

• Living Judgment Free

• My Words Empower Me

• Love Yourself—Receive!

• Language Creates Our Life Expectations

• Health is Your First Wealth

Cristina Whitehawk

About Cristina Whitehawk (Phoenix, Arizona Author)

Cristina Whitehawk

True wisdom comes from experience and I joyfully share 40+ years of it through my books, workshops, speaking and personal support. I’m big on creating the largest life for myself and want that for you too.