Heck on Heels – Still Balancing on Shoes, Love & Chocolate!

Heck on Heels
156 Pages
Waterhorse Press LLC
ISBN 978-0692679647

INDIE EXCELLENCE AWARD winner for "Inspiration"

Just add coffee...and sigh! Adding a color portfolio of her stunning nature photos to her second collection of award-winning and inspiring essays, author Mary T. Wagner again takes her readers on a tour of ordinary moments viewed with extraordinary grace. Whether reflecting on the view from the steep side of a dormant volcano or enjoying the cleansing effect of a good bonfire after a post-divorce garage cleaning, these essays conjure what one reviewer called “life writing at its best.” Following in the spike-heeled footsteps of Wagner’s critically acclaimed debut essay collection, “Running with Stilettos,” this amusing, touching and heartfelt collection of inspiring and empowering essays unfolds in a voice described as “bed time tales for grownups" and "the Midwest’s answer to Carrie Bradshaw."

Wagner (once a journalist and now a prosecuting attorney) writes for the modern woman who deftly juggles career, family, love and chocolate all at once...and still sees the whole stack come crashing down from time to time. Weaving tales of humor and heartbreak, triumph and tragedy, Wagner brings her readers along as she savors the post-divorce view from the back seat of a Harley, reflects on the maternal importance of “theme” cupcakes, gets back on a horse after a terrible, life-changing riding accident, and keeps a vigil by her father’s deathbed. She also shares her inspiring journey from stay-at-home soccer mom to arguing cases before the state supreme court…after an accident that put her in a body cast for three months. For every busy woman who's asked herself "is there one more goal I can shoot for?"...and then answered "YES!!"

Mary T. Wagner

About Mary T. Wagner (Chicago, Illinois Author)

Mary T. Wagner

Mary T. Wagner is a former newspaper and magazine journalist who changed careers at forty by going to law school and becoming a criminal prosecutor. However, she never could step away from the written word entirely, and inevitably the joy of writing drew her back to the keyboard.

A Chicago native, this mother of four and recent new grandmother now lives in "coastal Wisconsin," where she draws much inspiration for writing from frequent trips to the shore of Lake Michigan, watching the waves ebb and flow and make shifting mosaics of sunlight on the sandy lake floor. Wagner's ongoing legal experience has ranged from handling speeding tickets to arguing and winning several cases before the Wisconsin Supreme Court...sometimes in the same week!

Her latest essay collection, "When the Shoe Fits...Essays of Love, Life and Second Chances" rounds up her favorites--and reader favorites--into a "best of" collection available on Amazon in paperback and Kindle formats. Her newest publishing venture is a series of children's chapter books for young readers based on "Finnigan the Circus Cat." Wagner's life experiences includes the defining watershed of motherhood, and stints as a girl scout troop leader, truck stop waitress, office temp, judicial clerk, and radio talk show host. She counts both wearing spike heels and learning to use a cordless drill and chainsaw among her "late blooming" discoveries, and would be hard pressed to surrender either her favorite stilettos or her power tools.