Held Captive – Journey from hell to hope

Held Captive
134 Pages
ISBN 978-1945667190

Disgraced at birth, unwanted, abused, held captive by a life of crime, addiction, and then torture as an American POW, Bill Kropp cried out to God to "get this monkey off my back."

Battling a hostile world, his journey from hell to hope will resonate with those who have known personally or witnessed in others the insidious suffocating depths of despair and alienation that can block from one's awareness any whisper of divine grace or human empathy.

Sharon Garlock Spiegel

About Sharon Garlock Spiegel (St. Joseph, Missouri Author)

Sharon Garlock Spiegel

Born in East Providence Rhode Island Sharon Garlock Spiegel. Along with writing, She keeps busy as a school administrator and Pastor. Married to her husband Roger for 49 years , mother of three and grandmother to 14 , she loves traveling and spending time with her family. While writing compelling biographies she also enjoys weaving together a good mystery.