Here Are The Steps We Took – How to Complete the 12 Steps of A.A. in Eight Sessions

Here Are The Steps We Took
432 Pages
ISBN 9781795484855

Here Are The Steps We Took—How to Complete the 12 Steps of A.A. in Eight Sessions offers a simple template to work through the Big Book of Alcoholics Anonymous and the 12 Steps. Each session concentrates on selected steps, with key Big Book sections highlighted and discussed. Following the sessions some general thoughts on sponsorship follow, including how to choose a sponsor and sponsee, a sample sponsee commitment test, some potential red flags and frequently asked questions on sponsorship. Several historical sponsorship guides are included, along with additional references. For fun, some items that were heard in the rooms of A.A. are presented, as well as some information about the author and his other publications.

Alex M.

About Alex M. (Louisville, Kentucky Author)

Alex M.

Alex M. is a retired physician and life-long atheist living in the Midwest where he got sober in Alcoholics Anonymous in 2006. Since so many newcomers flee A.A. because of its God-centric focus, Alex believes his responsibility is to share his experience on how recovery can be attained through the A.A. Fellowship, its 12 Step program and the Big Book of Alcoholics Anonymous whether or not one believes in God.

He has written five books about A.A. and had over a dozen articles published in the A.A. Grapevine magazine. Alex is an Ivy League college English Major and avid reader, loves pre-Code Hollywood films, relaxes by gardening and wood-turning, and lives with two headstrong rescue cats in a farmhouse built in 1842.