Hidden Heritage – The Story of Paul LaRoche

Hidden Heritage
256 Pages
ISBN 1-59298-135-6

Imagine growing up in one culture, only to find out that you belong to another. Adopted at birth, Paul Summers grew up in white, middle-class America and didn’t discover his Native American heritage until he was in his mid-30s. Risking everything to reunite with his blood family on the Lower Brule Sioux Reservation, he sets out to reconnect with his true ancestry and bridge the gap between White and Native America.

Follow Paul as he takes the name LaRoche and carves out a brand new musical genre-spanning his two worlds. Hidden Heritage details the fusion of his ordinary Minnesota lifestyle with a rich Lakota heritage and the creation of his band, Brulé. Finally coming into his own, Paul finds himself crossing cultural boundaries with a message of reconciliation and healing.

Barbara Marshak

About Barbara Marshak (Durham, North Carolina Author)

Barbara Marshak

Barbara Marshak is the award-winning author of three books and over 150 published pieces. Her newest book, a collection of short stories and essays, is set to release in June 2018. Barbara’s work has been featured in regional periodicals all over the Midwest. She has made numerous appearances at book events from Minnesota to Arizona. Barbara is thrilled that two of her greatest passions—writing and the west—have converged in recent years. Now living on a guest ranch in the beautiful Black Hills of South Dakota, she is working on her newest novel, Painted Skies.

BARBARA’S BOOKS: Along the Way: A Collection of Stories & Essays (Blue Prairie Press—coming June 2018) Award winning pieces; some old, some new. Each sharing a snippet of time, along the way. Seeds of Salton (Blue Prairie Press 2013) A beautifully moving story of courage, love, and the transforming power of forgiveness, set in Montana’s Open Range country. Michigan & Rookie: Guardians of the Night (Beaver’s Pond Press 2011) It’s been said there is no bond greater than between a K9 handler and his partner. Hidden Heritage: The Story of Paul LaRoche (Beaver’s Pond Press 2006) The remarkable story of Paul LaRoche, founder of Brulé, and his inspiring journey to share a message of reconciliation between Native America and mainstream America.

Copies of Barbara’s books are available at the High Country General Store in Hill City. She invites you to stop out and say hello! To see more, visit her website at www.Barbara-Marshak.com

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