High Grade

High Grade
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Injured at the Battle of Shiloh, Ben Jones has no memory of home. After a long convalescence, he begins to roam the country, looking for something familiar. His travels eventually lead him to High Grade, Colorado, where he puts down roots and begins a new life.

This story took root on my mother's lap as she related the story of a great grandfather who went off to war and never came home. Her story ended with: "His body was never found". My youthful response was, "If they never found a body, how do they know he died?" Answering the question of "what if" is heartwarming.

If you share my belief that "family" should be the center of our lives, then you'll enjoy High Grade.

David Jones

About David Jones (Tucson, Arizona Author)

David Jones

Born into a family of story tellers, the author learned early to weave a tale that entertained. In his working career, he was in sales for two Fortune 500 companies, Dun & Bradstreet and Pitney Bowes. He later owned two businesses.

After retirement he took art lessons. One of his paintings for a granddaughter was labeled by the family as an "instant heirloom. It was, naturally, the telling of a story to a neighbor, about a written letter, that eventually led to the writing of his first book, High Grade. The insistence of several readers led to the squeal, Return to High Grade.

As was the case with the first two books, the third uses his family as a basis to weave the story. The third book, The Connection, is based on the story of a family member who was shot down over France during World War ll. He was hidden by the Resistance for several months before being captured by the Gestapo. Following months of interogation and torture, the protagonist spends two years as a POW.

A fourth book of short stories is planned, anchored by a story entitled, You Can't Sleep With Aunt Mary, Anymore.