Highlanders Rescue – Highlanders Secrets Book Two

Highlanders Rescue
115 Pages
Kindle Direct Publishing

18th century Highlander Angus Grant has never forgotten the woman who haunts, the women he fell in love with in the 21st century. Returning to claim her, he discovers she is being courted by another man, and torn between his love for her, and her happiness, he returns to the 18th century. Captured by the Farquharson laird upon his return, he learns he is a pawn in a dangerous game, and his life will be forfeit, unless a betrothal to a Mackenzie daughter can be arranged. Rachel Bennett, angry Angus has abandoned her, refuses to assist the faerie queen, Morrigan, in rescuing him. The powerful faerie queen, determined to save Angus, transports Rachel to the 18th century, where she is discovered on Farquharson’s land. Claiming to be lost, she is treated as a guest, and races against time to find Angus and escape, before her identity is revealed, or they are killed.

D'Lynn Martin

About D'Lynn Martin (Denver, Colorado Author)

D'Lynn Martin

D’Lynn Martin is a native Texan of Scottish, Irish, and Scandinavian descent, and currently resides near the mountains in Colorado with her husband, and two cats.
As a child, her love of reading transported her to other worlds, fueling her dreams of writing. She set aside that dream to raise a family, and pursue a career in management, but continued to create stories in her mind, and because her characters are clamoring to come to life, she is following her heart, and pursuing her first love, writing.

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