Holding Space – A Guide to Supporting Others While Remembering to Take Care of Yourself First

Holding Space
130 Pages
ISBN 978-0998071725

Do you know what it means to Hold Space?

Many people don’t, though most people have done it at least a handful of times in their lives. Others may have a special talent for holding space, but don’t even realize that’s what they are doing since the term is not in popular use yet.

This book first defines and clarifies what is meant by the term Holding Space, and then takes the reader on a journey through the life of a spaceholder (one who holds space). The journey will cover initial stirrings of awareness, spiritual considerations and self-care, as well as holding space in relationships, in business, for your dreams, and for the world at large. You will learn where in your life you are already holding space, and how to honor yourself for the very beneficial service you are providing. Most importantly, you will learn how to honor your own needs and boundaries first, so that you can be of even greater service to yourself and the world around as you hold space either personally, or professionally.

Amanda Dobra Hope

About Amanda Dobra Hope (Nashville, Tennessee Author)

Amanda Dobra Hope

Amanda Dobra Hope is a vision-holder, bridge builder, evolutionary teacher, author, and holistic life coach. She assists her clients by holding the sacred container for them to find their authentic self, enabling them to then decide how they really want to show up in the world. Skilled in guiding her clients through the self-discovery process, Amanda excels at meeting each client where they are at, holding them safe, and showing them where their true brilliance lies.

Her belief is that when everyone on the planet sees themselves as both a spiritual and physical being, loves themselves, and can express their true gifts with passion and authenticity, we will all thrive. In 2008, she transitioned from ten years as a dance studio owner and almost twenty years as a dance teacher, to the new calling that was bursting out of her. Her current path, both personally and professionally, continues to unfold before her eyes since asking her higher power to help her become the “best counselor she could be” many years ago.

Amanda holds a Doctorate in Holistic Life Coaching, a Master of Divinity in Metaphysics, and various certifications in other holistic modalities. Born in Wisconsin, with a brief residence in Hawaii, she now lives in the rolling hills of Nashville, TN where she serves as a holistic life coach, author, speaker, and wedding officiant. You can find her at www.itsasyoulikeit.com.