Home Should Be Safe – Hope and Help for Domestic Violence Victims

Home Should Be Safe
117 Pages
ISBN 9781467542074

Home Should Be Safe: Hope and Help for Domestic Violence describes and defines the different types of domestic violence. It explains how to recognize it, and what can cause it, the results and effects of it.

The book goes on to tell what types of help victims need and ways that both individuals and organizations can provide that help. It also explains the many reasons why it is not a simple thing for victims to "just leave". She offers encouragement throughout that domestic violence is wrong and victims do have the hope of a better life.

Throughout the book Mina Raulston offers personal examples and finishes the book with her personal testimony of how God healed and delivered her from the post-traumatic stress caused by living in fear in her own home for fourteen years. She gives the glory to God for that healing and shares that her she and her children have successfully built good lives for themselves with God's help.

Mina Raulston

About Mina Raulston (Columbus, Ohio Author)

Mina Raulston

Mina began writing until after her divorce due to domestic violence and her gift of healing from God 4 years later. Since the mid-1990's Mina has written for church newsletters, Christian and Community newspapers, Christian and Community magazines, and websites.

She has a steady gig writing speeches through EZ Speech, Inc. and is the Content Coordinator for Olentangy River Neighbors Magazine in Columbus, OH. Mina became a small publisher when she self-published her first book, Home Should Be Safe: Hope and Help for Domestic Violence Victims.

In addition to writing, Mina teaches Bible Studies, Writing Classes and Domestic Violence Awareness.

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