Hope to See You Soon

Hope to See You Soon
262 Pages
Horowitz Publishing
ISBN 978-1-63443-050-0

Tel Aviv and Seattle. A woman who does the unthinkable. Two best friends living far apart, separation shaping their lives. Is the grass greener on the other side? Which comes first: family or country? How far should we go to secure our happiness? In Hope to See You Soon, author Revital Shiri-Horowitz challenges her readers to confront these questions and to grapple with the meaning of friendship, family, and country—the meaning of life itself.

The novel, which will resonate with all its readers but particularly with anyone who has ever lived abroad, is full of moral challenges and cross-examinations. The past mingles with the present as the friends exchange letters over the years. The characters are compelling and sympathetic. You won’t want to put this book down!

Revital, Horowitz

About Revital, Horowitz (Seattle, Washington Author)

Revital, Horowitz

Revital Shiri-Horowitz was born in 1965 and grew up in Israel. From an early age she wrote poems and stories, and even kept a diary from the age of ten. Shiri-Horowitz served in the IDF.

Shiri-Horowitz Holds two MA degrees in Hebrew Literature and Geography, from Tel Aviv University and Haifa University. She is the Author of the books Daughters of Iraq and Hope to See You Soon. She is a blogger and a poet. She wirtes in English and in Hebrew. Shiri-Horowitz lectures about her books all over the world.

Shiri-Horowitz is a wife and a mother of four boys. She lives in Bellevue, Washington.

These days, Shiri-Horowitz is working on two novels. One is a biography of an injured soldier in the first Lebanon War, and the other is a novel based on a personal story. She blogs in "The Marker", "Wordpress" and writes for "Seattlon”,

Shiri-Horowitz is volunteer and an active participant in her community, she loves reading, writing, traveling and meeting friends and family.