House on Teardrop Lane – A Spirit's Diary, Volume Three

House on Teardrop Lane
65 Pages
Bytiluna Publishing LLC
ISBN 978-1724160836

After a two week vacation, Michael and River Bathory returned home to find an audio recording containing disturbing evidence of the true nature of the house’s haunting.

As they continue their quest for answers, River searches through the pages of Samantha Thatcher’s dairy while Michael seeks video proof of apparition activity. With further investigation from an outside resource, the pieces to the house’s mystery begin to come together and reveal a tragic and horrific past: a history tied between the Thatcher children and the malevolent shadow figure, the Man in the Hat.

Together with the help of their closest friends, Michael and River perform a ritual cleansing which in turn provokes the Man in the Hat’s vile behavior and vicious intent. With the attempted purging creating spiritual warfare, will the result save their loving home and free Samantha and Jeremiah from the entity’s binding, or doom them all?

Christopher M. Salas

About Christopher M. Salas (Colorado Springs, Colorado Author)

Christopher M. Salas

Born and raised in Pueblo, CO, Christopher M. Salas developed a penchant for science fiction and the paranormal from his grandmother and uncle. As a child spending time with his grandmother, Juanita, included watching Doctor Who, Battlestar Galactica, and Buck Rogers. His uncle Augustine would tell tales at the dinner table, recounting scenes from movies he had watched, such as Dawn of the Dead or The Exorcist. This played a key role in Christopher’s predilection for horror and science fiction.

Currently residing in Colorado Springs, CO, Christopher dabbles his storytelling in various genres of fiction–Science Fiction, Horror, Fantasy, Westerns, and Steampunk. While working on various literary works, Christopher also is a scriptwriter for Themis Comix.