How Deep is the Darkness – A Charlie McClung Mystery

How Deep is the Darkness
299 Pages
Sellem Books

Lyman County, Georgia, 1983. Police Chief Charlie McClung struggles to preserve his wife’s fragile state of mind after a devastating miscarriage. But when one of the area’s most hated men is found drowned, the experienced detective is forced to focus on his job. And when the victim turns out to be his spouse’s nemesis, McClung’s heart sinks when he learns she was the first person at the scene of the crime.

Worse still, the town’s BB gun-toting, elderly bully is murdered the next day, and McClung knows just about everyone has a motive. Grappling with a community full of suspects, a serial killer with a grudge, and a wife who’s unraveling, he races to catch the culprit before another victim falls.

With time running out, can McClung hold it together and prevent the body count from rising?

How Deep is the Darkness is the chilling sixth book in The Charlie McClung Mysteries series. If you like dry humor, traditional whodunits, and pressure-cooker conflicts, then you’ll love Mary Anne Edwards’ enthralling tale.

Mary Anne Edwards

About Mary Anne Edwards (Atlanta, Georgia Author)

Mary Anne Edwards

Born in Mercedes, Texas, Mary Anne has lived in Georgia for most of her life. A lifelong fan of authors such as Agatha Christie, Anne Perry, Caroline Graham, and Elizabeth Peters, it wasn’t until a few years ago that Mary Anne listened to the voices in her head and wrote her own series of traditional mysteries featuring Detective Charlie McClung.  The first book in the series, Brilliant Disguise, was released to critical acclaim in January 2014. The next three in the series, A Good Girl, Criminal Kind, and Sins of my Youth, were released soon afterward. The fifth book in the series, Flirting with Time, was released on June 30, 2017. The sixth book, How Deep is the Darkness, was released on December 2, 2019. Mary Anne is working on the seventh book, Complex Kid, with at least three more to follow.

Although Mary Anne is middle-aged and approaching old age, she believes you are as old as you act. The main female protagonist in the Charlie McClung Mysteries is an interesting snapshot of the author's sensibilities. Mary Anne and her husband live in Smyrna, GA with an ill-tempered Tuxedo cat named Gertrude. Mary Anne is a member of Sisters in Crime and sits on the advisory board of Rockdale Cares, a non-profit advocacy group for the developmentally challenged.