HOW TO MAKE YOUR AUDIENCE FALL IN LOVE WITH YOU – Expert Advice on Acting Technique, Script Analysis and Taking Risks.

226 Pages
ISBN 10 0-325-01393-4

Making an audience fall in love with you. That's what great acting is all about -- no matter whether you're in a casting room, on stage, or on television. In HOW TO MAKE YOUR AUDIENCE FALL IN LOVE WITH YOU, you'll find out how to go beyond the obvious and unleash your most exciting self in every role.

From Shakespeare to soap operas, veteran LA acting coach, Deryn Warren, helps you make the best of any script. Her analysis of scenes from such hit as When Harry Met Sally, The Green Mile, and Fawlty Towers will show you how to take big risks, deepen your choices, perfect your technique, and get parts.

HOW TO MAKE YOUR AUDIENCE FALL IN LOVE WITH YOU will take your acting to a new level - whether you're a working professional or just starting out. You'll get the first job and keep getting hired, because casitng direcotrs will fall in love with you too.

Deryn Warren

About Deryn Warren (Los Angeles, California Author)

Deryn Warren

Deryn Warren is a writer, a filmmaker and acting teacher in Los Angeles, California. Deryn wrote How to Make Your Audience Fall In Love With You originally published by Heinemann, and now a staple in stores across the United States. The book was endorsed by professors at Harvard University and UCLA and by Carrie Frazier, head of HBO Casting, who said, “I wish every actor, who auditioned for me, had read this book first.” It is currently being published in China.

As a filmmaker, Deryn directed three feature films including Black Magic Woman, starring Star Wars legend, Mark Hammil. She also directed theater in Los Angeles, including a Garden Full of Snow with award-winning actress, Angelica Houston. Deryn Warren is a leading acting teacher and coach; The Los Angeles Times wrote, “no wonder students clamor to take Deryn’s class. Her comments are dead-eye accurate.” Deryn writes for acting journals including Backstage West and wrote an op-ed published in the LA Times.

Her novel, Chick Flick, was called by one reader, “the funniest book about heartbreak I’ve ever read.

Deryn Warren was a Directing Fellow at the American Film Institute and graduated from Sarah Lawrence College in New York. h. 323 936 0195 c. 818 272 4668