Hunter, Slayer of Covens – Sacrifice

Hunter, Slayer of Covens
224 Pages
ISBN 978-0692454619

Mystie Tempest Novels proudly presents this first installment providing you a glimpse into the darkest corners of worship, destruction and ecstasy in the series...Hunter, Slayer of Covens.

Hunter "Heu" Miller is NOT your typical young man. His special abilities have deemed him among the most powerful beings on the planet and his vow as a child to rid the world of All covens, dubs him as a formidable adversary. The covens have existed for hundreds of years before Hunter came along, but are gradually falling victim to his unrelenting vengeance until he allows them a reprieve and develops a fondness for the alluring, Tawny Emerson.

When Tawny is kidnapped in riposte to his actions against the covens, Hunter must decide if he should save her, revealing her as his weakness to his enemies or allow her to die at the hands of his enemies. This spellbinding first installment, "Sacrifice", will render you helplessly enthralled and desperately craving more!

Mystie Tempest

About Mystie Tempest (Chicago, Illinois Author)

Mystie Tempest

Mystie Tempest was born and raised in Chicago. During her teen years, she discovered a passion for writing and began work on her eventually published novel...Hunter, Slayer of Covens.

Tempest has always displayed a love of horror and notes Stephen King and Anne Rice as her favorites.

Ms. Tempest also credits her mother, deceased brother Mitchell, her editor and best friend, Ellen and her only son as inspiring individuals in her life. She currently resides in Green Bay, Wisconsin.