I Am – God's Affirmations For Little Girls

I Am
42 Pages
Words Worth
ISBN 1732857709

This book received the Book Excellence Award in the Children's Religion category.

"I Am, God's Affirmations for Little Girls" teaches young girls about God's affirmations of beauty, intelligence, and strength. This reflection of God's truth includes memory verses paired with empowering poetry and breath-taking illustrations to help elementary aged girls build the confidence and courage to live by God's standards. After reading this book girls will feel loved, empowered, and encouraged to build a solid educational and spiritual foundation rooted in God's truth.

Belinda N. Mays

About Belinda N. Mays (Houston, Texas Author)

Belinda N. Mays

Belinda Mays is an award winning author, speaker, and IT Professional. She recently released her third children’s book, I Am, God’s Affirmations For Little Girls, which debuted as Amazon’s #1 new release in Children’s Bible Study Reference. The book teaches teach young girls about God’s affirmations of beauty, intelligence, and strength.

Her first two children’s books, My Amazing Dad and 7 Days With Daddy, are a tribute to fathers everywhere. My Amazing Dad is a Tall Tale about a dad who can do anything and fix everything but ends up meeting his match in the form of an unlikely protagonist. 7 Days With Daddy honors fathers while teaching early time concepts like before and after and the days of the week.

Belinda has also published several poems and won numerous poetry and speech contest. She lives in Texas with her husband and three children.

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