I Am Her Daughter – The Healing Path to a Woman's Power

I Am Her Daughter
396 Pages
ISBN 9780692718360

I Am Her Daughter – The Healing Path to A Woman’s Power by Licia Berry addresses the unhealed Mother Wound in women, in culture, and in the world. The author shares her personal healing and offers strategies for women to reclaim their birthright of love and acceptance, with an eye on healing the global Mother Wound.

Are you a woman who: • has difficulty trusting yourself • is often called “overly sensitive” • has difficulty setting firm boundaries • doubts that you are loved and lovable • rejects the wonder of your woman’s body • feels you must earn your right to voice your opinion • knows there is something wrong but can’t seem to name it • avoids intimacy with other women, having few close friends • is struggling to find your place and permission to be in the world • doubts your unique brilliance and suffers from a lack of confidence • has disturbing memories of your mother but is afraid to talk about it • mistrusts and has difficulty with other women, even though you seek their approval • has or had a challenging relationship with your mother (or even no relationship at all?)

“This book is about that healing process. It is a testimony to possibility. I Am Her Daughter is a tale of one woman’s experience and every woman’s journey on that healing path. It contains profound and powerful wisdom, deep reassurance, and vibrant hope. “This book is for all of us. It is part prayer, part testimony, part spiritual teaching. But most importantly, this book shows the healing path to that joyful reunion, that precious reconnection with our original Mother, the one whose perfect love for us allows us to finally and completely love ourselves. And, being loved, to live fully in our own power.” -from the Foreword

Licia Berry

About Licia Berry (Tallahassee, Florida Author)

Licia Berry

Best Selling Author, artist, speaker, mentor and women’s advocate, Licia (pronounced LEE-SHA) Berry is known worldwide as The Woman’s Guide to the Frontier Inside™. Licia is an agent of change through her writing, art, speaking, and facilitation.

She has a passionate belief in women’s innate resilience and is on an incessant quest to nurture women’s empowerment, leading her to teach other women to claim their unique life song. Leading by example, Licia works to show women how to transcend their experiences to achieve physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual wholeness. Her primary work is in accessing ancestral memory for the purposes of healing ancestral trauma, creatively, shamanically, and neurobiologically.

Writing on juicy themes of women’s issues, resilience, consciousness, divinity, and creative approaches to a balanced, grounded, and inspirited life, her words have impacted seekers of wholeness around the globe.