I AM: Inspired, Aware, Motivated – True Stories of Overcoming Abuse, Heartache, & Self-indulgence

I AM: Inspired, Aware, Motivated
124 Pages
ISBN 978-1541254251

A collection of stories, allegories and moments that have impacted Christian Connett's life. The shapes of abuse, the pangs of heartache, and the overall self-indulgence that we subject ourselves to do not define us, however, they do have an impact in our lives and the decisions we make.

To be inspired, you must first be aware. Self-awareness and cognitive awareness are often ignored for gut feelings and past experiences. Be aware of your moments, past and present. Do not dwell on failures or heartache, focus on the impact each moment brings.

Choose to be inspired, aware, and motived.

Choose to be true to you inside and out... you will only regret not trying.

Christian describes his story of experiences, good and bad, and how he has learned to overcome the many obstacles that have been presented in his life. These are emotional and introspective.

J Christian Connett

About J Christian Connett (Des Moines, Iowa Author)

J Christian Connett

J Christian Connett has been producing seminars, coaching, workshops, and various speaking engagements since 2004 in Interpersonal Relationships, Cognitive Behavior & Self-Awareness, and Digital Marketing.

Keynotes and speaking subjects surround self-awareness, emotional intelligence, marketing from a psychological perspective, digital marketing & web strategy, and currently developing an anti-bullying program.

Speaking Programs & Workshops: - Principles of Digital Marketing - Emotional Intelligence & Interpersonal Relationships - I. A.M.: The Four Elements of Life - Virtue & Vice – Cycle of Abuse

As a published Author, Christian’s books include focuses on Personal and Interpersonal Development, Introspective Awareness, and Digital Marketing.