I Am Love – Learn to love yourself and tap into your power

I Am Love
108 Pages
ISBN 978-1080570119

We walk through life in unconscious disillusionment blind and out of sorts. We are ignorant about why we are here in this world. Not a clue of who we are and what we are meant to do. Not aware of the love and happiness we seek or the love within us we possess. We weren’t taught how to love ourselves as much as we were taught how to love others. We were taught how to look for love outside of ourselves. Now is the time that we become more conscious of ourselves and start to take responsibility for our lives.

In this book, you will begin to recognize the mindset, habits, and behaviors that hold you back from loving yourself unconditionally. You will start to recognize that there is love within you. You will learn how you to channel that love and find strength in your darkest times. No one's commitment is greater than the commitment you make to yourself. Today, you take the first step towards loving yourself with this personal self-love guide as your tool.

Siedah Johnson

About Siedah Johnson (Albany, New York Author)

Siedah Johnson

I am a mom, self-love advocate, coffee-addict, and blogger. Writing weekly at iamlovexo.com healing past hurts, accepting my shadow side, and helping others heal.

I was the co-dependent, insecure, people-pleasing, good-girl who cared for everyone better than she cared for herself. I battled with depression and social anxiety on and off for 15 years of my life.

In 2012, I was tired of being depressed and living a life that was a facade. So, I created I Am Love blog to help me heal and share my story with others who were experiencing the same. Now it’s not only a blog full of my stories but resources, support, classes, and a community of over 1,800 people and growing.

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