I Love You Anyway – A "tail" of understanding ADHD

I Love You Anyway
34 Pages
ISBN 1535334010

Tagalong is a young raccoon who has ADHD. He always seems to be doing the wrong things at the wrong times and many times isn’t listening when his mother gives directions. His brothers enjoy teasing him about this very much. One day, easygoing Tagalong has enough and runs away.

Unfortunately, he forgets about the dangers Mom has warned him about. It is a close call and a learning experience for the whole family. Tagalong learns the importance of paying attention and his family learns to have more patience and understanding.

This book contains 40 reasons why it is good to have ADHD, famous people who have/had ADHD, and a section called “My Story” where the child can share his or her experiences. Practical advice for parents and professionals is included.

Virginia Ulch

About Virginia Ulch (Toledo, Ohio Author)

Virginia Ulch

Virginia Ulch had a masters degree in counseling. She is a former special education teacher, an elementary counselor, and a clinical hypnotherapist. She has been a foster and adoptive parent for 20 years. Virginia currently lives with her husband, children and a variety of critters.

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