I Painted A Magenta Flamingo

I Painted A Magenta Flamingo
28 Pages
ISBN 978-1-952567-07-0

I Painted a Magenta Flamingo pits the imagination of a brother against the facts his sister knows about flamingos. The brother creates his fantasy world undeterred by his sister’s efforts to make him stick to reality. The sister does know her facts, so the reader will become quite knowledgeable about flamingos, too.

Suitable for ages 4 to 8 years. Available in both hardcover and softcover.


“My Granddaughter, who is 6 years old, and I enjoyed reading this book together. The story and illustrations have a colorful, whimsical side that my granddaughter loved, and an education side that I loved. While you can imagine a world full of new colors, you can also learn about the flamingo! I hope there will be a series on this with more animals in the future!” ~Brandi D. - Hollandale, MN

From Kinsley (age 4): "I like the gems and the other gems. This is my favorite part: All of it."

“This book is full of imagination, facts, and rich vocabulary sure to capture the reader's attention.” ~ Angela K. (Kinsley’s mom) - Austin, MN

“Love the use of color and new vocabulary words! My 5 and 7 years-olds both enjoyed the magenta flamingo more than the pale pink.” ~ Rachel M. - Austin, MN

Helen Holder

About Helen Holder (Austin, Minnesota Author)

Helen Holder

My childhood ambition was to be a teacher, an author, and an artist. I spent 34 years in the first grade (33 of them as a teacher.) Since retiring from teaching, I write children’s stories and record the doings of the Ladies Floral Club and Friends of the Creche as the secretary for each group. I also do a little illustrating.

Other activities include origami, bookmaking, crocheting, traveling to visit 11 grandchildren and collecting nativity scenes. During the Christmas season, more than 900 nativity scenes take over the house and we become a tourist destination.

I live in Austin, MN with my husband Bill, and a few very hardy plants. My webpage is https://www.foxpointepublishing.com/author-helen-holder