I Really Didn’t Want to Become a Doctor – Tales and Musings from a Family Doc Retired After 50-Plus Years

I Really Didn’t Want to Become a Doctor
88 Pages
ISBN 978-0-7618-6962-7

This book traces memoirs of a family doctor who shunned the notion of becoming a physician as he observed his family doctor father while growing up. To spend so many years in school—only to have meals, sleep, and vacations interrupted by needy patients—offered no allure. Not until his third year of college did he make the career choice, and his tale traverses his experiences from college, medical school, internship, U.S. Navy, to practicing in Colorado. His story includes abundant patient anecdotes, plus his take on racism, medical malpractice, and health reform. Dr. Wolf’s humanism is evident throughout, and is evidenced by the fact that the royalties from his book will go to a Boulder County low-income clinic he helped found in 1977.

Howie C. Wolf, M.D.

About Howie C. Wolf, M.D. (Boulder, Colorado Author)

Howie C. Wolf, M.D.

Howie Wolf's book, I Really Didn't Want to Become a Doctor--Tales and Musings from a Retired Family Doc after Over 50 Years of Practice, is being launched by Hamilton Books 8/30/17. It traces the author's memoirs of growing up in a small Iowa town where his father was the only doctor. To spend so many years in school--only to have meals, sleep, and vacations interrupted by needy patients--offered no allure as a career choice.

The book tells of Howie becoming a doctor, his education, internship, time as a Navy doctor, and the 50+ years of practice in Colorado. He retired in 2016 and lives with his wife, Rose Pierro, in Boulder.His story contains his views on racism, social justice and health care reform.

In 1977 Howie help start Clinica Campesina in Lafayette, CO. This organization now serves thousands of uninsured or under-insured patients annually. All royalties from sales of this book will go to that clinic, which is now building a new facility.