IDEA33-A Regeneration – Book 1

IDEA33-A Regeneration
318 Pages
ISBN 978-0991236305

Heli Clame doesn't know it yet, but he stands in the wake of a critical change. Coming of age himself during a time of enhanced technology and decades lost to ecological devastation, he arrives on the grounds of IDEA33 to join two others, Terra Sial and Dous Cistern. Unaware that they all have special and undeveloped powers to offset a prophecy fortelling the end of time, they soon learn their unique origins and the purpose for why they were created. The balance of all life on earth rests on the strength of their unity. Only then will they have the power to initiate a Regeneration.

Sheala Dawn Henke

About Sheala Dawn Henke (Boulder, Colorado Author)

Sheala Dawn Henke

Sheala Dawn Henke lives in Fort Collins, CO where she has worked as an elementary school teacher for 15 years. In a critiquing partnership with past and present students, she has published the first two installments of the young adult Cli-fi series IDEA33-A Regeneration and A Revolution. The third and final installment for the series, IDEA33-A Resolution is due out for publication the fall of 2017.

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