IDEA33-A Revolution – Book 2

IDEA33-A Revolution
340 Pages
ISBN 978-0991236329,

Heli Clame and his friends have abandoned any hope of a normal life outside the protective gates of IDEA33. Nearly six months after entering a portal between space and time, absolving humanity of earth’s devastation, they are faced with a decision to leave the only place they call home. Despite the success of their mission and the confirmation that a regeneration is conclusive, they are warned that their greatest enemy will soon return. With the support of the Regulation Jacque Punam will stop at nothing to obtain control once again. Their only choice is to abandon their home and hide among strangers in a sacred space known as the Frey. Here alliances are forged and loyalties will be tested as they slowly come to realize that their arrival is the signal to something much more. Now they must face a decision that comes with a price and discover a higher purpose marked by their actions as a race against time leads them back to IDEA33.

Sheala Dawn Henke

About Sheala Dawn Henke (Boulder, Colorado Author)

Sheala Dawn Henke

Sheala Dawn Henke lives in Fort Collins, CO where she has worked as an elementary school teacher for 15 years. In a critiquing partnership with past and present students, she has published the first two installments of the young adult Cli-fi series IDEA33-A Regeneration and A Revolution. The third and final installment for the series, IDEA33-A Resolution is due out for publication the fall of 2017.

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