Insurrection – Allon - Book 2

285 Pages
ISBN 987-0-9829204-0-4

The Dark Way defeated, King Ellis starts restoring the House of Tristan. A son and heir is born, but not all is blissful in Allon.

Kell, Captain of the immortal Guardians, never found Dagar's original talisman, the one the Dark Master infused with his evil. Sinister tension erupts into a rebellion lead by Sir Owain. But Owain isn't trained in the Dark Way, so how could he posses Dagar's talisman?

Ellis lead his army to quell the insurrection, but his departure places his family in jeopardy. If he returns to help them, he could lose his kingdom. If he continues against the enemy, he could lose his wife and son. A sudden turn of events leaves Ellis stunned. He must trust the safety of his family to the Guardian warrior, Avatar, and two teenage brothers, nephews of the Marcellus.

Shawn Lamb

About Shawn Lamb (Nashville, Tennessee Author)

Shawn Lamb

Shawn Lamb is a prolific writer whose career began in the 1980s. She and her husband have called Nashville home for nearly 30 years. Before moving to Nashville, Shawn worked as a Hollywood scriptwriter for children’s television on a show called "BraveStarr". She has received awards for her fiction, and a Certificate of Merit from the American Screen Writer’s Association.

This story was originally intended to be a single YA fantasy story for her teen-aged daughter, but turned into the epic series. The YA series consists of 12 books with a spin-off trilogy for ages 8-10.

Highlighting her "Allon" fantasy books, Shawn attends book fairs and conventions across the country. She teaches workshops for young people about writing. Together, with her husband, Rob Lamb, and daughter, Briana Lamb, Shawn, an alumnus of MTSU, can be found at comic-cons in Tennessee and Georgia. Rob worked on "He-Man", "She-Ra", and "BraveStarr" while Briana is known in the community as "The Lady Nerd".
Joined, they are "The Family Lamb, Generational Geeks".