Into The Abyss – Ink Slingers Guild Anthology Vol II

Into The Abyss
253 Pages
ISBN 0-9885799-4-4

The Ink Slingers Guild is a group of like-minded individuals who come together for support and encouragement. Since its inception the Ink Slingers have continued to expand membership, filling their ranks with some of the best and brightest up and coming authors of our time. This, the Ink Slinger's second anthology, is aptly named Into the Abyss. As with the first anthology, Beyond the Threshold, this collection of short stories is based on one of the writing exercises done at every ISG meeting. The exercise is to have three members each pick one word. Members have five minutes to compose a story with the chosen words. As with any creative outlet, members take each other into new worlds the way only writers can. The words that were chosen this year were: Gravity, Innocuous & Perilous. Each story is a journey created just for you, so sit back and enjoy as the Ink Slingers welcome you Into the Abyss!

Desiree Matlock

About Desiree Matlock (Tampa Bay, Florida Author)

Desiree Matlock

I'm Desiree, and I presently live in a beach town with my handsome beau, my almost-adult twin daughters, our two cats and a fluffball that is technically my sister’s dog. Every time I get two seconds to rub together, I can be found writing at a window overlooking the view. I am a shameless brainiac dictionary know-it-all, and have given up trying to cure myself of it. I try to write for the average vocabulary as often as possible. I travel, play classical piano, sing folk songs while doing my chores, and am a polyglot – due to all the traveling.

I can either be found writing or reading someone else’s work far too late into the night.

Every story I write contains inspiration from real life, a whole lot of made-up stuff, and a little magic, although sometimes the lines blur where each comes from. I try not to take you to a dark place without showing you how to get out of it. I don’t promise you’ll grok everything I write. Sometimes it needed to be written more than I needed to know why.