It Adds Up to Murder – It's Murder at the Office Book 1

It Adds Up to Murder
313 Pages
ISBN 10-1482591596


When Abigail Newhouse takes a temporary job after losing her long-term employment, she never suspects the assignment will make her a murder suspect. Abby doesn’t intend to get involved in solving the case, but she has to do something to convince handsome Homicide Lieutenant Nick Vaughn of her innocence. Events pile up and quickly spin out of control as Abby’s sleuthing places her in deadly peril when she confronts a merciless killer face-to-face.

D. A. Featherling

About D. A. Featherling (Austin, Texas Author)

D. A. Featherling

D. A. (Dorothy) Featherling is a multi-published, award-winning local author who has penned a total of 30 books to date including adult mysteries, time travel fiction, end times fiction, romantic comedies, and a romance. She has recently completed a thirteen-book time travel adventure series being read by ages 9-99. The board game that inspired the books has also been produced.

Her non-fiction books include a 1930s Georgetown, Texas cold case murder (true crime), two e-books on giving school presentations, a book encouraging activity for sedentary folks, and a book on prayer.

She has also written numerous technical pieces and has won awards for journalism and public speaking and was the recipient of a national Daphne DuMaurier Mystery/Suspense Award.