It's My Time – Understanding College Recruiting and College Placement

It's My Time
154 Pages
ISBN 978-1735162799

How to make your college recruitment dream a reality-one small choice at a time. The competition is fierce. The process is intense. And there's plenty of misinformation flying around that could potentially derail your efforts. All of these factors can feel overwhelming to young athletes hoping to be recruited (not to mention their parents and coaches). David Angeron and James Gamble are here to help. Drawing on their firsthand experience and their "inside view" from playing, coaching, and working as Major League Baseball scouts, they've distilled their most helpful advice in this tactical guidebook.

Readers will learn:

•The 4 qualities of athletes who make it past high school baseball (Hint: mental toughness counts for more than you think!)

•How to maximize your use of the NCAA's Eligibility Center

•Tips for leveraging your academic strengths to boost your GPA

•What to do before your campus visit to make a powerful impression on coaches

•Why your social media presence can make or break scholarship opportunities

•How to choose the best camps and showcases for you

•High-impact ways to invest your time and money into your recruitment journey

•The difference between committing and signing

•Common myths about college baseball success (and how not to fall for them!)

It's the small choices you make every day that, over time, add up to success. This book helps you create a best-odds plan for developing your talents, connecting with the right people, making the best decisions at the right time-and ending up on the team of your dreams.

David Angeron and James Gamble don't just teach it, they 've lived it. Both have played college baseball and worked as Major League Baseball scouts. David is the owner of Mental Master Training. James is the founder of the Global Scouting Bureau. They combine their talents to help athletes, parents, and coaches understand the college recruiting and placement practices, providing the players who are the future of baseball a clear path to success. To learn more, visit

David L. Angeron

About David L. Angeron (New Orleans, Louisiana Author)

David L. Angeron

Author: Certified Sport Psychology Coach (CSPC) Certified Stress Management Coach (CSMC) B.S. in Kinesiology M.S. in Healthcare Management CSPC & CSMC accredited by The Certification and Accreditation Board of the American Association of Drugless Practitioners (AADP) ​ Goals: Serve God Love and Honor Family Help Others Succeed ​ David Angeron is a Certified Sport Psychology Coach and Stress Management Coach that educates athletes on the mental aspects of achieving excellence in sport. More than an educator, he helps instill the lessons learned in sport and life, guiding athletes to reach their full potential. With over 20 years of experience coaching Professional, College, High School, and Youth athletes, Angeron is known as an excellent motivator and a “player's coach.” His years of research and implementation of sport psychology and learning how to work with athletes of different personality types has contributed to his success in getting the most out of athletes, showing them just how much more they have inside of them to give to their sport. He credits much of his success to continually working on his mental game and bringing his unique experiences as a multi-sport athlete and professional baseball coach to his sport psychology coaching. Founder of Mental Master Training, LLC which specializes in Mental and Physical Performance training for athletes, Angeron is also the national recruiting coordinator for MyTime Sports, LLC where he uses the network he’s built through his years as a professional baseball scout to help athletes advance to college and professional sports.
David currently resides in New Orleans, LA with his wife, Jean Melvin Angeron and 4 Children (Drake, Drew, Madeleine, & Reese)