It's Not Luck – Overcoming You

It's Not Luck
150 Pages
ISBN 978-1979299053

When you see someone whom you consider successful, do you think, “They are so lucky!” Do you follow that thought with, “I could never do that?” You aren’t alone. Many of us have daily struggles with the voice in our head that declares, “you aren’t good enough.”

The short stories in each chapter are meant to open your mind to the possibilities. The subsequent questions are meant for you to dig deep into your own experiences. You’ll get out of this book the equivalent effort put into it and come to realize you don’t need luck to overcome yourself.

Michelle Mras

About Michelle Mras (Colorado Springs, Colorado Author)

Michelle Mras

Michelle Mras is an accomplished Inspirational Speaker, Trainer, Coach and Author who captures the attention of audiences with her vivacity, and genuine connection. She has traveled and lived across the globe as a military dependent, then later as a military spouse.

Michelle has been a featured speaker on National Public Radio's, The Story Project four times and TEDx Colorado Springs. She is Certified as: Executive Director with The John Maxwell Team; Human Behavior Trainer with DISC Personality Insights and as a Reclaim the Brilliance Facilitator.

Michelle is a thriving survivor of a Traumatic Brain Injury (2014) and Breast Cancer (2016). She and her husband have retired in Colorado.

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