Just Another Termination

Just Another Termination
316 Pages
ISBN 978-1626943216

At long last, career human resources manager Judy Kenagy lands a job with a good employer, but the trouble is just beginning . . .

She hopes her days of running from bad bosses and guilt-ridden memories are over. But alas, she’s barely settled in when a young female employee is found shot to death, spinning her new workplace into turmoil. Small-town police chief Carl Bombardier solicits Judy’s help in her role as the company’s HR manager. While working with Judy, he shares his fanatical interest in a twenty-five year old double homicide he believes is linked to her last and worst bad boss. To make matters more difficult, the trusted assistant of her monster ex-boss starts showing up, keeping the unwanted connection going. When the pesky trusted assistant turns up murdered, Judy learns there’s a connection with the shooting death of the employee. She starts sleuthing at the trusted assistant’s crime scene and stumbles upon a piece of evidence.

Can she solve all of the murders with this single find? If her ex-boss is destroyed by the events about to unfold, will Judy be freed from the demons of her past?Or . . . are things not as they seem?

Linda Thorne

About Linda Thorne (Nashville, Tennessee Author)

Linda Thorne

Like her lead character in her novel, Just Another Termination, Linda Thorne is a career human resources manager. She began pursuing her true passion, writing, in 2005 and, Just Another Termination was published by Black Opal Books in August of 2015.

Thorne has published numerous short stories in magazines. In 2012 four of her short stories were selected for publication in an Anthology called Soundtrack NOT Included. She has won second place several times in annual writing contests offered by the now defunct Writers’ Journal. Some of her short stories were selected by Valley Writers Read to be read by an actress and aired on KVPR, a public radio station for the San Joaquin Valley of California. They are archived on the Valley Writers Read website.

Currently Thorne is working on A Promotion to Die For, the second in this planned series of Judy Kenagy mysteries.

The author has a BS degree in Business Administration from Arizona State University. She resides in a suburb of Nashville called Hermitage, Tennessee with her husband, Dave.