Karessa' Vault in One Way Out 2 – The Lone Marauder Series

Karessa' Vault in One Way Out 2
212 Pages
ISBN 9781948339612

KARESSA' VAULT IN ONE WAY OUT 2. The Lone Marauder is back as the drama in her life continues. Karessa' Vault in the sequel falls in even deeper with her boss that has her under his thumb. More pitfalls and other discoveries has her life being more twisted than screws in a coffin. When she finds out darker secrets and people revealing who they really are changes the dynamics and scope of what she thought she knew already. Back stabbings, threats, heists, sex and murder is the norm and trust is just a word in the dictionary. Will Karessa' Vault be able to withstand the pressures that is marching her way? The hour glass at this point is half way gone and time waits for no one, not even her.

J. Wrice Sr.

About J. Wrice Sr. (Chicago, Illinois Author)

J. Wrice Sr.

My name is J. Wrice Sr. I'm one of the founding members of the ill-state assassins music group out of Chicago. During the 80's, 90's to the mid 2000's i was in the hip hop music industry. Producing music, doing and writing music. These elements will help me as i transition into becoming an author. Writing music and writing books are very similar. In both, stories are told, rather it's fiction or non fiction to capture the listeners and reader's mind. Venturing into being a author is not a easy task. But i love a challenge and i'm always up for it. So, enjoy this journey with me as i continue to grow and live up to the expectation as a author.

A native of Chicago, Illinois. I was born December 11 of the year 1970. I always had a passion for writing. Being homeless at a time of my life and dealing with the streets, the hip hop scene was my home. One of the four horsemen who created the Chicago music crew the ill-state assassins and being a member of the Grammy nominated group they chamba. I always strive for excellence. But my life adventure doesn’t ends there.

Coming from being an emcee to becoming an author is apparent because both pertains the same guidelines. As an emcee tell the story through pen and paper that’s set to music, an author tells the story through pen and paper that is set to book form. Capturing the ears and minds now i prepared to capture the mind and imagination of readers. I always been humble to my musical success at the time and now i'm the same way learning and growing being an author. Hopefully my books will draw your attention and you become a fan of my writing. ​