Keep Yourself Safe – A Guide For Estate Professionals in Connecticut

Keep Yourself Safe
102 Pages
ISBN 9781546715351

Your personal safety matters! Real Estate Agents have a unique job in that it often requires them to meet with potential clients or buyers alone, whether at the office or at a property. Either way, they must be vigilant, be prepared and always have a plan! After reading this, real estate and other allied professionals will have a better understanding of how to diffuse a situation, mitigate and respond appropriately. While this book is specific to Connecticut real estate professionals, the information contained within will be useful to others across the country!

The book covers topics such as fire safety, trespassing, safety in the field and office, training, carjackings, citizen arrest standards and many others. Real estate are already using the techniques described in the book to better protect themselves.

"The information is vital in Mr. Sinisi's book. As an agent, different scenarios are often popping up - wanted or not wanted. With "instant" requests from unknown clients who wish to meet at a property, we need to realize this is terribly counterproductive. Having Some sort of plan is helpful. But to blindly hope to see a house to an unknown can be dangerous. This book is not a scare tactic; the author is Sensible which is something we all need to reacquaint ourselves with - "trusting our gut feeling" with a client, or walking into that vacant house. Real Estate offices should use this one!!" - Candy P.

"Mr. Sinisi offers a wealth of knowledge and expertise in the area of personal safety and security. Real estate agents and others will find this book of great value. This is definitely a book that should always be kept close by." - Jonathan

"Mr. Sinisi is well versed in his field. His book is a must read for all real estate agents out there. The information and techniques contained in the book are very informative, thought- provoking and can also be applied in other fields. If you are serious about your safety and security, this is a must have reference." Fredy L.

Donato Sinisi

About Donato Sinisi (Fairfield County, Connecticut Author)

Donato Sinisi

Public Safety professional and entrepreneur with a great interest in writing. Author of three books, "The Art of Private Patrol," "How to Game Change Personal Service Successfully," and "Keep Yourself Safe." I enjoy reading from all genres but I always seem to be drawn to crime fiction. I enjoy writing short stories based on personal and field experiences. Currently collaborating with a Canadian author and a New York author.

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