309 Pages
Gwendolyn Books
ISBN 978-1-944502-08-9

Robin Parsons has just lost her job when she learns her neighbor “accidentally” kidnapped a man who cheated him. Once she forces the crook to admit his crime, Robin begins a quest to find other cheaters and make them behave better.

Along the way she meets others as determined as she to right the wrongs of the rich and powerful. Her gang isn’t exactly made up of superheroes. They’re more like super-odd.

Is what they’re doing dangerous? Of course. Can they avoid arrest? Maybe. Will they survive their targets’ revenge? Possibly, but there’s a P.I. who seems to know all their plans. What’s that about?

Peg Herring

About Peg Herring (Grand Rapids, Michigan Author)

Peg Herring

Peg Herring reads, writes, and loves mysteries. She is the author of several stand-alones and three series: the Simon & Elizabeth Mysteries (historical), the Dead Detective Mysteries (mildly paranormal), and the Loser Mysteries (contemporary suspense). Peg loves travel, both in the States and abroad, and she and her husband of many years can often be found camping with the world's (almost) oldest cat Trouble, who often lives up to her name. These days Peg also answers to Maggie Pill, the author of the Sleuth Sisters Mysteries. If you have sisters, if you know sisters, you'll love these books!