Lament for a Brother – a journey through unexpected grief

Lament for a Brother
89 Pages

In June of 1991, five days following her wedding, Sue Kemple's world came to a screeching halt when her brother was killed in a car accident. She was devastated, but she was also shocked that so many people in her world didn't understand why she hurt so much... and that even more people didn't know the right things to say or to do. Kemple found no compassionate resources for people who've lost a brother or sister to help her grieve or begin to heal, so she decided she ought to write her own book.

It took her twenty years, but she finally found the words to offer empathetic support for people who have lost their siblings, and understanding for anyone who wants to know how to support those who grieve the sudden, unexpected death of a loved one. It's a quick read, simple and raw. It's her story alone, but readers will find much within this short book to affirm their own sense of lament for brothers, sisters, or loved ones of any kind taken from them too quickly, and too soon.

Sue Kemple

About Sue Kemple (Chapel Hill, North Carolina Author)

Sue Kemple

Sue Kemple has been writing for wellness professionals and real estate agents ever since she left her position as Principal of the K-8 arts charter school she helped to build in Moore County, North Carolina. In 2011, Sue wrote a deeply personal account of her journey through grief following her brother's unexpected death in a car accident twenty years prior, in the hopes it might help others as they process their own experiences of unexpected grief - perhaps most especially those who have lost brothers or sisters. That her account has given hope to others has been confirmed many times over, and she's humbly grateful.

Sue, who lives in Carrboro and works in the Research Triangle Park region of North Carolina, has a hard time figuring out how to work the television remote controls, but she stays young by working in the dot-com world. She is the founder of Campus Coaches, an online program designed to support teachers in living healthy, happy lives as they cope with the stress of their profession. She is currently the CEO of My Last Soundtrack, Inc., a tech start-up driven by music and devoted to helping people get the tough conversations about death started. And she is also a transformational business growth strategist with her own firm, Kemple Coaching and Consulting.

When she can, Sue plays the drums, patronizes local breweries and vineyards, hikes through the trails beside a long and winding creek in her blissfully wooded neighborhood, engages in deep and meaningful conversation with her partner and, no matter what, makes time to root for the New York Giants. More than anything, she is proud to have raised two amazing men into young adulthood.