Launching Sheep & Other Stories – from the Intersection of History and Nonsense

Launching Sheep & Other Stories
269 Pages
Bright Button Press
ISBN 978-0-9987853-1-8

In 1830, an Italian pyrotechnician launched a sheep-bearing rocket 600 feet into the air. Russia’s Peter the Great instituted a tax on beards in 1698. And in 1901, an unfortunate cat became the first daredevil to successful conquer Niagara Falls in a barrel. Ridiculous tales like these dot our history like a bad case of the measles.

Humorist and historical fiction author Sarah Angleton jumps across centuries and cultures to highlight stories of some of history’s quirkiest characters and adventures that serve to shed light on her own experiences, like that time her eight-year-old son became obsessed with the bagpipes.

Featuring posts from the first five years of the history/humor blog, The Practical Historian, the essays in this collection are part history, part memoir, and all nonsense.

Sarah Angleton

About Sarah Angleton (St. Louis, Missouri Author)

Sarah Angleton

Originally from a small town in Central Illinois, Sarah Angleton studied literature and creative writing at the University of Missouri. A Midwestern girl at heart, she spent a brief time living and writing in the beautiful Pacific Northwest before settling once again near St. Louis where she currently resides with her husband, two sons, and a very loyal dog. Her first work of historical fiction will be available soon from High Hill Press. Find her online at