Lawyers Decoded – Essential Knowledge for Saving Money and Reducing Legal Hassles

Lawyers Decoded
182 Pages
ISBN ISBN-10: 173220120X ISBN-13: 978-1732201200

In this groundbreaking work, Melody Kramer uses her 20+ years as a trial lawyer to untangle the mysterious world of lawyers, giving you the inside scoop on why lawyers are the way they are, why they think and act the way they do, and how to use that information to empower your working relationships with them. This easy-to-read book is filled with real-life stories and helpful “hacks”—practical tips you can use right away to save money, save time, and reduce stress.

This book was originally published under the less politically correct title "Why Lawyers Suck." It is now available under both titles on A free chapter download is available at

Melody A. Kramer

About Melody A. Kramer (San Diego, California Author)

Melody A. Kramer

Melody is a trial lawyer, author, speaker, and legal innovator. She began her legal career earning the prestigious Order of Barristers excellence award for trial advocacy upon graduation from the University of Nebraska, College of Law. Since that time, Melody has earned a reputation as a fearless advocate for clients in courtrooms across the country and an innovative problem solver in keeping people out of court.

After years of practicing in Nebraska, Melody relocated in San Diego, California and expanded her commitment to positive change in the world, raising the profile of freelance lawyers, offering workshops the demystify legal topics, as well as coaching and serving on the board of non-profit P.O.C. Enterprises (aka Pissed Off Chicks) which provides students with the necessary resources for self-defense, self-esteem, and self-empowerment.

When she's not working, Melody enjoys working on her next novel, hanging out at the beach, or just relaxing at home with her teenage daughter (also a writer) and two precocious kitties who keep trying to eat her manuscripts.

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