Layla's Rules – Five Rules All Schnoodles Know

Layla's Rules
38 Pages
ISBN 148343320X

Layla is a schnoodle dog who belongs to a diverse family held together by love, respect, and five very important rules that all schnoodles know; rules that include wise advice that biting is only for emergencies and that toilet water is not for drinking.

Layla loves her days taking walkies in all kinds of weather and playing with her siblings. But when Layla’s family adopts a baby girl from China, the schnoodle learns that with a little patience, love, and respect, there is always room for acceptance.

Layla’s Rules is a delightful, mostly true story for both children and adults about adoption, acceptance, and family as told by an adorable, rule-oriented schnoodle dog.

Dan Lucas

About Dan Lucas (Raleigh, North Carolina Author)

Dan Lucas

A master of creative mayhem and a lifelong writer, Dan Lucas abandoned working on his great American novel the day his adopted daughter, Fu Li, came home from China. Dan has continued to apply his craft mostly in the professional world, but he has found time to write over 25 stage plays and skits centering on family, friendship, and faith.

In 2013, Dan wrote his family’s 2013 Christmas letter from the point of view of their newest addition, a precocious -- and perhaps very wise -- schnoodle dog named Layla. Family friends loved the letter and urged Dan rewrite it as a book for children, this book -- Layla's Rules.

All the characters in Layla's Rules are based on Dan's family, and Layla is a real schnoodle dog. Layla was born on October 13, 2012.